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Does Everyone Get Approved For A Student Loan?

Almost anyone who is a student might qualify for a student loan. However, you can’t just have any student status to qualify – many factors are considered when calculating whether someone qualifies for a student loan.

Tertiary education is expensive.

The first step in applying for a student loan is figuring out whether you will be considered an independent student or one who is dependent on your parents. This distinction doesn’t mean that you can’t borrow any money as a dependent student – you just won’t have access to the same types of loans, and the interest rates on loans that are available to you could end up being higher than they would be if you were considered an independent student.

Some of the general criteria to apply to a student loan in South Africa is the following:

  • South African citizen or person living in South Africa permanently
  • You must be enrolled at a tertiary institution
  • You or your parents must be earning over a certain threshold per month and proof of income needs to be provided
  • Dependency status isn’t the only factor that determines rates and eligibility, though. You need to have some level of financial need.
  • Proof of address

It’s important to apply with several student loan institutions who offer different types of loans and compare their criteria to see which option(s) best suits your needs.

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