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What You Should Do About ‘Referred Link Risk Mobile’ SRD Status

The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) payment dates for the month of February has been issued by the Post Office. Not everyone who applied for the SRD, however, has been authorized for payment.

Monthly verification processes are conducted by the South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) to guarantee that SRD grant applicants are deserving of their grant. This includes verifying identification, reviewing bank accounts, and cross-referencing information databases.

One of the rejection messages that unsuccessful SRD grant applicants have received is ‘Referred Link Risk Mobile’.

Sassa explained that this means a fraudulent application was received from the mobile number you applied to.

Here’s what you should do about a ‘Referred Link Risk Mobile SRD status

In order to clear this issue, applicants are required to contact the South African Fraud Prevention Services (SAFPS) immediately. Once the issue has been sorted, they may email with proof that they have cleared the problem.

It may take some time before your SRD grant application status will change once you’ve done this.

More than 10 million people are currently benefiting from the SRD grant.

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